Monday again!

Well another weeken has passed and tthe weather is getting colder and colder. We get a day off next tuesday because the school are striking (Yay! day off!!!!!!!) and on friday I am going on a school art trip to the beach, seems like a preety good week. All I need to do is just get through 4 days of school.


When I went shopping on sunday I got three awsome things!


1. My BFF’s Birthday presents (Cant say what because she reads this blog.

2. A hand warmer

3. A big tennis ball for my nans friends dog (She loves to demolish tennis balls)


Anyways I need to go


Bye From Sarah Xx


So unfair!

So I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday doing really dull homework so I would have barley any today. My plan was to go shopping with my parents. Window shopping, go to the library, try on clothes, walk, buy a coffee. But no, now their saying I’m staying at home, and I did not even have a say in the matter. I am so annoyed. All I wanted was to just go for a walk and get out the house that so far I have been cooped up in all weekend. (Apart from when I took the bin bag out)


Now I get to spend another day sitting at home doing nothing while my parents are shopping then sipping costa coffee’s while eating toasties and carrot cake. Not fair!