Monday again!

Well another weeken has passed and tthe weather is getting colder and colder. We get a day off next tuesday because the school are striking (Yay! day off!!!!!!!) and on friday I am going on a school art trip to the beach, seems like a preety good week. All I need to do is just get through 4 days of school.


When I went shopping on sunday I got three awsome things!


1. My BFF’s Birthday presents (Cant say what because she reads this blog.

2. A hand warmer

3. A big tennis ball for my nans friends dog (She loves to demolish tennis balls)


Anyways I need to go


Bye From Sarah Xx


Ever had that thing?

Have you ever had that thing where your heart starts to beat so loud you feel like it hurts, you shake, your hands go sweaty, your head pounds and you almost throw up. Well I felt that today. I felt it when one of my bestest friends who has stood by me for 3 or 4 years told me she did not want to be her friend any more. All because I dont like it when she calls me an idiot, a retard, a twonk and a ton more insulting names. Apparently that is who she is and if I cant accept that she does not want to be my friend … 


Great so i am having a panic attack over losing someone close to me, one of my biggest fears …

So unfair!

So I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday doing really dull homework so I would have barley any today. My plan was to go shopping with my parents. Window shopping, go to the library, try on clothes, walk, buy a coffee. But no, now their saying I’m staying at home, and I did not even have a say in the matter. I am so annoyed. All I wanted was to just go for a walk and get out the house that so far I have been cooped up in all weekend. (Apart from when I took the bin bag out)


Now I get to spend another day sitting at home doing nothing while my parents are shopping then sipping costa coffee’s while eating toasties and carrot cake. Not fair!

The Weekend

I think that the idea of having two days off the next day is the only thing that keeps me going on friday seing as I have PE (in the really cold weather with some brain dead zombies carrying around mulburry, jack wills and holister bags. In other words Popular girls) Double Culture and Communication (= a mountain of writing) and double art over lunch (I spent lunch in the art room as well so three hours in a row of putting lines on a bit of paper.)


But now I have a lovely weekend where I can sit down with a cup of tea and relax  do homework. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Oh well I will go get on with it so I can do fun stuff later.


Bye for now! Sarah