On the second of october it is going to my best friends birthday and it got me thinking, what would a dream sweet 16 party be for me, and then my two best friends. I already know that my friend C really wants for one birthday to go to quasar (lazer tag) and then she will most probably want to go for a meal with her bezzies and eat a mountain of ice cream.


My other friend I dont really know. Maybe see a movie, go on a day out to a zoo or something. I am not sure.


As for me, if i could afford it I would go on Go ape with my friends C, R, M, E and H. For those who dont know Go ape it is a outdoor adventure course through trees where you are strapped on a harness and et to walk across planks, go over obsticles and then finish with a long zipline, It would be really fun. Obviously it would be followed with cake and ice cream!


Anyway form time isalmost over so I need to go. Bye S Xx


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