On the second of october it is going to my best friends birthday and it got me thinking, what would a dream sweet 16 party be for me, and then my two best friends. I already know that my friend C really wants for one birthday to go to quasar (lazer tag) and then she will most probably want to go for a meal with her bezzies and eat a mountain of ice cream.


My other friend I dont really know. Maybe see a movie, go on a day out to a zoo or something. I am not sure.


As for me, if i could afford it I would go on Go ape with my friends C, R, M, E and H. For those who dont know Go ape it is a outdoor adventure course through trees where you are strapped on a harness and et to walk across planks, go over obsticles and then finish with a long zipline, It would be really fun. Obviously it would be followed with cake and ice cream!


Anyway form time isalmost over so I need to go. Bye S Xx


Celebrate good times come on!

Yay, I finished my maths now I just have to do my english and art 😥

By justateenwithsomethingtosay

Monday again!

Well another weeken has passed and tthe weather is getting colder and colder. We get a day off next tuesday because the school are striking (Yay! day off!!!!!!!) and on friday I am going on a school art trip to the beach, seems like a preety good week. All I need to do is just get through 4 days of school.


When I went shopping on sunday I got three awsome things!


1. My BFF’s Birthday presents (Cant say what because she reads this blog.

2. A hand warmer

3. A big tennis ball for my nans friends dog (She loves to demolish tennis balls)


Anyways I need to go


Bye From Sarah Xx

Dream school

The other day one of my friends and I tried to decide who would teach what in a dream school. Here is what we decided

English: Mr Hibbert (our current teacher because he is epic)

Maths: No one, it will not exist

PE: Smithy from Gavin and Stacey

The school Councillor: Jeremy Kyle

ART: Van Gogh

Well that’s as many as we thought up of, feel free to try this thing own your own blog or in the comments it is really fun


Bye, from Sarah Xx

By justateenwithsomethingtosay

Think the headaches are sorted! Ish …

Well I finally cane to the conclusion of the fact it is my eye sight so i have been booked for an eye test but in the meantime I have to wear my glasses all the time at school. I really don’t like them because they don’t suit me but hey glasses are better than really painful headaches.

By justateenwithsomethingtosay

Christmas songs in September?

Well my friend and I must be compleatly bonkers seing as yesterday we were standing in the rain with no umbrella singing christms carols. I dont think many people appreciated it seing as someone shouted shut up in ouir faces. Oh well it was fun and we both ended up getting soaked in the rain and ended up laughing a lot.


Oh and just to say the girl who I had a fallout with she is my friend again and shr even joined in singing for a bit! I can assure you me and my friends are perfectly not normal!


Bye! From S

Help if you can

I was inspired to start this blog by three amazing people: Shay carl (Shaytard on youtube), Alli Trippy and Charles Trippy (CTFXC on youtube) Anyway Charles and Alli are almost at 1 million subscribers so please go help them out. Also if you are religious Pray for Charles to make a speedy recovery because he had brain surgery on Tuesday. Thats all I can post for no but please go check them out, watch their videos and follow them. Shay, Alli and Charles are all increadable insperational people who I look up to an I think that you lot will like them too.

My Life

I sit on the crumbing brick wall,

My feet danglinng over the edge,

From here i can see everything,

Small fuzzy blos of people stand out in front of my teary eyes,

Warm salty tears stream down my face,

Peole who were once my frineds,

Walk off without me,

Never to return,

I sit on that crumbling wall,

My life crumbling in front of me,

I am alone